Note on Dress Codes

Outfits in the Personal Style section of this blog are categorized by dress code. Definitions of these dress codes are listed below, but keep in mind that these definitions/interpretations are rough and can vary widely depending on the context.

  • Casual: Anything goes. Usually reserved for weekends and days off spent lounging around or out and about.
  • Dressy Casual: A step above casual. Think a dressy top and nice pants or jeans. These outfits can potentially be worn in work settings where jeans are acceptable (e.g., Casual Fridays).
  • Business Casual: Casual yet work-appropriate. Think skirts, slacks, or pants; dresses; open-collar shirts, knit tops, sweaters.
  • Business Formal: Formal work attire, a.k.a. srs business. This includes suits, suiting dresses, dresses or skirts with a blazer, blouses and button-up shirts, close-toed shoes. (Recommend referring to your company/office dress code for their definition of “business formal”.)
  • Festive & (Semi)Formal: For me, these occasions are few and far between. In this category, I’ve lumped together outfits reserved for parties, special events, weddings, etc.

Helpful source: Emily Post Attire Guide