Review: J. Crew Belted Dress in Textured Herringbone.

This is the second dress I tried on when I was looking for something to wear to a work event (my review of the dress I ended up picking is here). As of this posting, the textured herringbone dress is on promo for 25% off with the code SHOPSALE. I also like the look of the matching tipped collarless jacket, however this is not currently part of the promo.

This particular dress appealed to me for a couple reasons: first, most of my work dresses are a thicker wool blend and not particularly spring/summer friendly. Second, the overall palette and cut of the dress seem basic enough to wear multiple ways in multiple contexts (e.g., on its own for warm summer days; layered with a blouse underneath or on top for work; with a Tippi sweater on top for cooler weather). Lastly, I have a thing for herringbone, so naturally, I had to check this out.

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Review: J. Crew Paneled Geometric Dress.

I recently ordered a couple of dresses to try on for an upcoming work function. This is my review of Dress #1: the paneled geometric dress. As of this posting, it is on promo for 30% off with the code SPRINGSTYLE. I was actually debating between this dress and the paneled pencil skirt, which is also currently on sale. Both have a really interesting mixture of patterns and figure-flattering panel details. But I tend to wear dresses more often than skirts to work these days, so that’s what I ultimately went with.

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Review: J. Crew Chateau Trench Coat.

J. Crew Chateau Trench Coat, available in regular (000-16) and petite (000-12) sizes.

J. Crew Chateau Trench Coat, available in regular (000-16) and petite (000-12).

Hello, all! For those residing in the Northeast/mid-Atlantic region, I hope you have been faring well since snow storm Jonas hit. My neighborhood has been a mess since last Saturday– luckily, I was able to to work from home for the first half of the week. However, staying cooped up binge-watching Making a Murderer (omg) and listening to podcasts (currently hooked on Mortified and Rupaul What’s the Tee?) has made me stir crazy and now I’m pining away for warmer, sunnier days. Coincidentally, J. Crew rolled out new arrivals this week and I was excited to see that they came out with a springtime version of their popular Chateau Parka, which has served me well these past two winters. See my previous review of that coat here. I had some birthday and holiday gift cards to burn, so I decided to give the Chateau Trench Coat a try. To my surprise, my order arrived in lightning speed (two days!?) despite the foul weather. So here goes my full review…

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