Wardrobe Curation: Travel “Capsule.”

A mere day and a half after returning from a much-needed vacation, I experienced a whirlwind of major events at home– I started a new job and made my first “grown-up” purchase (A car! Yay! Now I need to learn how to parallel park!). The dust has settled a bit and I’m almost caught up on sleep, so as promised in my last post I am giving a recap of how my “travel capsule” fared during the two weeks I was out gallivanting through Spain and Morocco.

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Wardrobe Curation: Ten Days, One Backpack.

I’m going backpacking in Europe for the next week and a half. Believe it or not, I managed to pack all my clothes into this single backpack. As someone who always overpacks when traveling, this was no small feat for me– silly as it seems, it took a couple days of planning, culling, packing and unpacking to make this happen. Hopefully, what I’ve packed will be enough. A future post will reflect upon my experience with this “travel capsule,” mistakes made, and lessons learned. Until then, wish me luck…!

– j.