Cookie Recipes: That J. Crew Gingham Shirt (and That Ugly Christmas Sweater).


My department’s annual holiday party was scheduled a bit earlier than usual this December. I signed up to bake cookies for the occasion– these checkerboard shortbread cookies are my old standby, but I decided to do something more festive with the recipe this time around. I was about halfway done with making the dough when I had the idea to fashion the cookies into gingham shirts with bowties. It’s a cheeky and not-so-subtle homage to that J. Crew gingham shirt everyone inevitably wears to our office at some point during the week… me included.

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The Philippine Cookbook: Squid Adobo.


We’re in the middle of packing for a move tomorrow (yay!). Before I pack up all of our cookbooks, I thought I’d give this squid adobo recipe from The Philippine Cookbook a try. As history would suggest, I do love my adobo and have vivid memories of helping my grandma clean squid to make adobong pusit for dinner when I was a kid. My brother wanted nothing to do with this task, but it was a small price for me to pay for a tasty meal. This dish is an acquired taste for most; I suggest giving it a try at least once.

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