Review: J. Crew Paneled Geometric Dress.

I recently ordered a couple of dresses to try on for an upcoming work function. This is my review of Dress #1: the paneled geometric dress. As of this posting, it is on promo for 30% off with the code SPRINGSTYLE. I was actually debating between this dress and the paneled pencil skirt, which is also currently on sale. Both have a really interesting mixture of patterns and figure-flattering panel details. But I tend to wear dresses more often than skirts to work these days, so that’s what I ultimately went with.

Here are a few IRL photos of the dress and the fabric details:

Approximate measurements of size Petite 00: overall length (center back, from neckline to hem) 34″, across shoulders 12.125″, chest circumference 31.75″, waist circumference 25″, hip circumference 32″, sweep 34″. The material is 95% cotton, 5% polyester; 100% polyester lining (the dress is fully lined).

The colorway is called “White Multi”, a mix of black and white patterns. In my opinion, the quality of the jacquard is great– the geometric patterns are woven into the fabric rather than printed on. Some might find the patterns to be reminiscent of wallpaper, and that’s precisely why I love it…


Anyways, the fabric itself is about medium weight, sturdy but not too stiff, and the patterns help to conceal any wrinkles that might arise during the work day. There is a hidden zipper in the back. Unfortunately, there are no pockets on this dress. Oh well.

For reference, my measurements are here. This is what the dress looks like on me. I found the Petite 00 to run true to size, fitted but not too snug:

What I love about this dress, and what initially caught my eye, is the clever placement of the different jacquard patterns. A darker pattern appears across the shoulders, down the midsection, and around the skirt. It almost reminds me of armor. A lighter pattern is placed on the sides of the torso in the front and back, and a herringbone pattern runs horizontally across the bottom of the skirt and hem, creating the flattering illusion of a narrow waistline and an hourglass shape overall. Kudos to the designer for creating this wonderful wallpaper-print soldier dress.

The Upshot: I ended up choosing this dress to wear to my work event. For context, the event is an awards luncheon at a country club (I’m being recognized for my work, yay!); however, after the ceremony I have to go straight to the office for afternoon meetings. So, this piece feels dressy enough for a “party” of sorts, but structured enough that I could still look and feel professional at work. I imagine that I will pair this with strappy sandals and a statement necklace for the luncheon, then switch into heels and a blazer for the office. For a more casual look on the weekend, I’d pair this with a cardigan and ballet flats. Bonus points for versatility!


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