GPS: What to Wear for a Winter Commute?

So, the recent snow storm got me thinking: What do professional working women wear when they have to shovel their cars out of snow (or trudge through snowy streets) in order to get to the office?

I’d never really given this predicament much thought before. I only started to commute to work last year (my office is about a 45-minute drive away from Philly), and the previous winter was pretty mild. I also had my S.O. around to help me clear out snow around my car in the evenings and mornings before work. However, he has been working in SoCal these past few months, so I’ve had to fend for myself this season.

Last Monday I spent about 2.5 hours the evening before work digging out a path for my car to get to the street. Sadly, when I woke up the next morning I quickly discovered that a plow had come through during the night and pushed all the snow back against my car! *ugh face palm*

Anyways, back to my initial question. If anyone knows of a blog post or discussion thread about this, please send it my way. I’d love to know how others have handled this stuff, because let’s be real– life (and snow/slush) is messy, and our real lives can’t always be beautifully curated for Pinterest/Instagram. In the meantime, here’s a recreation of 1) what I wore to shovel my car out of the snow last Tuesday, and 2) what I wore once I got to the office…

5:30AM: Start Diggin’


Wintress puffer coat, J. Crew (old; current version with faux fur collar). // Cashmere scarf in glen plaid, J. Crew (old; similar style here and here). // Black Sloan-fit slim ankle pants, Banana Republic. // Black marled camp socks. // 1964 Premium Snow Boots, Sorel (super old; similar model here). // Snowboarding gloves, Gore-Tex (similar).

OK, just a bit of commentary to explain this situation: I prefer wearing my puffer coat while shoveling since it is water-resistant and shoveling snow can get messy. Same with the gloves. The snow boots are also functional; they have great traction and keep my feet completely dry and warm. I intentionally layer my socks over my work pants to protect them from the salty snow. You don’t see it here, but I’m wearing heat-retaining leggings under my pants for extra warmth (these Heattech leggings from Uniqlo are a winter staple and I highly recommend them). I don’t layer too much stuff underneath my coat– just a wool cardigan, blouse, tank, and a scarf. Once I dig I usually start to get hot, and I don’t want to get super sweaty before work. One more thing you don’t see here: beanie and ear muffs on my head.

8AM: Start Werkin’


Plaid perfect shirt, J. Crew (similar plaid here). // Grey wool cardigan with leather elbow patches, Ann Taylor (old; similar style here and here). // Black Sloan-fit slim ankle pants, Banana Republic. // Uniform cross tie, French Toast. // Belt, Gap (old). // Black pointed-toe kitten heels, Ann Taylor (also available in patent leather).

Once I got to work, I switched out my thick wool socks and snow boots for heels. I usually take a pair of heels with me to work, or keep a pair stored under my desk. I was in internal meetings and working alone in my office for most of Tuesday, so I went more dressy/business casual with my attire. (One tip from an old mentor of mine: keep a blazer hanging in your office just in case you have to jump into a more formal meeting with clients or higher-ups). The cross tie is a recent thing I’ve been playing around with– I think it dresses up my standard work shirt + cardigan combo, so I’m sticking with the “schoolgirl chic” look for now.

Seriously though: what do you wear to work when commuting in the winter?


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