Comfortable and Stylish Legwear: Kushyfoot Reviews.


Confession time.

I’ve lived on the East Coast for about 7 years now, and I still haven’t quite mastered the art of keeping my legs and feet warm when the temperature starts to drop. I place part of the blame on my southern California upbringing– where I grew up, flip flops and sneakers (sans socks) were very much the norm all year round. If I’m being honest with myself, I also personally prefer the look and feel of shoes worn without hosiery. Unfortunately this is totally unreasonable since I’ve committed to living in this colder climate for the indefinite future. Slowly but surely I am warming up to the idea that tights, socks, and leggings can be comfortable and cozy without sacrificing style.

In time for the fall and winter, I recently road tested several legwear offerings from Kushyfoot.* Some background: Kushyfoot offers an entire line of foot covers and hosiery featuring either specially designed “massaging soles” or cushioned soles. A while back, my mom picked up a pack of Kushyfoot crew socks for me from Nordstrom Rack, and I can confirm that the padded soles do feel nice (and are barely visible) in running shoes. With this past experience in mind, I was interested to try out some of their tights and trouser socks for the cooler months. Here we go…

Rib Fashion Tights with Massaging Sole


The first product I tried out were these opaque black rib tights (95% nylon, 5% elastane). The tights have a reinforced toe and a built-in control top– the latter of which was a welcome bonus feature, since I wore these underneath a more clingy (and less forgiving) sweater dress. I’m generally not a fan of patterned tights, but the rib pattern on these were very simple and subtle. This particular style also has the signature massaging sole. See photo below for a close-up. Size medium was an easy fit on me (my measurements are here); in the future I would probably size down to take more advantage of the control top.

For reference, these tights come in sizes small (4’10-5’6, 85-135 lbs), medium (5’0-5’8, 115-165 lbs), large (5’2-6’1, 135-190 lbs), and plus (5’4-6’1, 185-250 lbs). I found these to be easy to hand wash, and they air-dried fairly quickly. Overall, I liked these tights and they kept me reasonably warm (the day I tested them out, the weather was in the low 60s). The massaging soles were a weird feeling on my feet at first (!), but after a couple hours I actually liked the feeling of them as I walked around in heeled booties. I’m not sure that I would call the effect “massaging”, but I think they did help ease some of the tension and fatigue I felt on my forefoot.

Fleece Trouser Socks


Later in the evening, the temperature fell into the 50s, so I layered the rib tights with these fleece-lined trouser socks. The socks are 95% polyester, 5% elastane and come in one size. Worn on their own, the inside of the sock feels ridiculously soft. When paired with boots, my legs were nice and toasty for the late night out. While the socks were definitely comfortable, they didn’t feel like they had any extra cushioning or massaging soles. Looking at the packaging again, I don’t think this feature is actually included in these socks, so keep this in mind if you think about giving them a try. Overall, my interest in soft fleece-lined legwear has been piqued, so much so that I’m ordering the fleece-lined tights to try out next!


Microfiber Crew Trouser Socks

I tested out these microfiber crew socks (91% nylon, 9% elastane; one size) as an extra layer over the flats I tend to wear during my commute (I drive, so I’m not exactly “braving the elements” to get to work). I will usually switch into heels once I get to my office. Similar to the rib tights, these socks have massaging soles, which felt comfortable especially at the end of the day when I slipped out of heels and back into flats. According to the packaging, these are designed with Coolmax material to keep your feet dry during the day. However, I couldn’t tell if that feature was working for me or not. Overall, these are pretty solid, standard trouser socks– they don’t retain much warmth though, and instead are meant to keep your feet cool. That said, I think these are better suited for the spring and summer. They were also easy to hand wash and line dry.

Fleecy Leopard Flats to Go!


I was most looking forward to trying out these cute fleecy leopard ballerina flats (polyurethane upper, EVA sole), which feature both a padded insole and non-slip outer sole. As stated on the package, the Flats to Go are “designed to save your tired and achy feet from heels.” I ended up stowing these away in my purse before a date night with my S.O. I’m so glad I did, because halfway through the evening my feet were starting to die from walking on the crooked Philly streets in heels! I ended up putting on these flats to survive the rest of the walk home.

I tried these in a Size 5-6 (for reference, my usual shoe size is 6 or 6.5), and found that they run quite large with about an inch and a half of extra room left at my heels. Despite the extra room, the elastic around the vamp helps to keep the slipper secure to the foot.

True to the product description, these travel flats are lightweight and offer welcome relief from less-than-comfy heels. However, I think the relief comes more from switching out of your heels, and maybe less so the cushioning– the soles themselves are a very thin, EVA material. I really like that the packaging is reusable as a carrying case; the slippers can be folded in half to store in the case, so everything is nice, clean, and compact. No way would I put these back in my purse uncovered after walking around the city in them! Overall, I’m not sure how many wears one would get out of these when they are primarily worn outdoors as back-up flats. After a short 10 minute walk, the soles were already getting pretty worn in. I would say that these are ideal for indoor use or very light travel. The next day, I ended up rinsing these down completely and have been using them as house slippers ever since. Perfect, because they keep my feet warm and covered when I’m kicking back at home!

*Disclosure: Kushyfoot road test samples were provided by Lipton Publicity for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated for this post and all thoughts and opinions about these products are my own. Thanks to Lipton Publicity and Kushyfoot, and thank you for reading!


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