Midnight Tweed in the Office, 10.07.15.

I hit a lull in my work schedule late last week and finally had a chance to take an extended weekend off, just in time to deal with a leaky roof courtesy of Joaquin! So much for rest and relaxation… darn tropical storms. At any rate, here’s what I wore on my day back in the office.


J. Crew tweed dress, wool blazer (old, similar). // J. Crew crystal necklaces layered together (old school, similar here, here, and here). // Ann Taylor navy belt (similar). // Ann Taylor heels.

From far away, the pattern on this navy tweed dress reminds me of my aunt’s old sofa cushions, but trust me from up close it’s actually quite pretty! The vertical lines also help to visually lengthen/slim the body.

Here’s what this outfit looks like sans blazer…


Hope you’re having a good week, everyone. Hang in there, it’s almost Friday!!!

– j.

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