Review: J. Crew Collection Collarless V-Neck Wrap Coat.

J. Crew Collection collarless V-neck wrap coat, available online in petite and regular sizes.

J. Crew Collection collarless V-neck wrap coat, available online in petite (000-12) and regular (000-16) sizes.

Sigh. This coat.

I didn’t want to like the Collection collarless V-neck wrap coat so much, but I was kind of a lost cause when I first saw it a couple weeks ago. Nevertheless, I knew that getting this coat would mean letting another coat or two in my closet go, either to consignment or Goodwill. On principle, I’m trying not to let my coat situation get too crazy. So I paused and deliberated while I sorted out my fall/winter wardrobe and put my seasonal consignment and donation bags together.


During that wait time, the coat (available in regular and petite) sold out in my usual size and I figured the decision was made for me: ’twas a no go. Somewhat miraculously that size returned in a recent pop-back, so armed with an old gift card, I swiftly pulled the trigger on this order.

Here are some IRL details of the coat out of the box:

The material is 75% wool, 25% nylon; 100% polyester lining (coat is fully lined), dry clean only. Please note, I have lightened the photos above a little bit so that you could see the details better– in person, the coat color is a true black and the interior lining is also all black, NOT PURPLE! This coat also comes in white (giving off serious Olivia Pope vibes), but with the way I drink and eat, I absolutely don’t trust myself with that color. :-/

I ordered P00, my usual J. Crew coat size. I thought about going one size up to accommodate a suit blazer, but after speaking with customer service about measurements I ultimately decided to just give my usual size a try before it disappeared again. Here is a comparison of P00 and P0 for quick reference:

Size P00 Size P0
Chest circumference 31.5″ 32.5″
Waist circumference 29.5″ 30.5″
Hip circumference 37.5″ 38.5″
Sweep circumference (bottom of coat) 41.5″ 42.5″
Across front 11.38″ 11.63″
Across shoulders 14″ 14.25″
Across back 14″ 14.25″
Belt 59″ 60″

Overall, size P0 is about an inch larger across most areas (for subsequent sizes up, just add about another inch).

The double-cloth wool is thick but not heavy duty. I wish the coat weren’t a wool and nylon blend, but in general, the quality of the fabric feels nice to the touch and is comparable to another double-cloth wool coat I own from several seasons ago. A coat of this thickness will likely keep you warm in cooler fall weather and early winter. However, I would consider this to be a “light winter coat”– for snowy weather you’d definitely need to layer more or wear a more substantial coat (for the coldest days last year, I relied a lot on my chateau parka reviewed here, and my wintress puffer coat). Perhaps J. Crew should consider adding thinsulate if they make a coat like this again next year.

I love the clean cut of this coat. It feels modern and minimal, but not too trendy. This style strikes me as being more difficult to find in petite-friendly options that don’t require significant alterations. The collarless V-neck is sleek and not cut too deep, so you still have a good amount of coverage in the chest area. The description on the J. Crew website describes the wrap coat as having a hook-and-eye closure. I was expecting an actual hook on the inside of the coat. However, as you can see in the photos below, the coat actually closes up with buttons, like a hidden button placket. Concealing the button holes from the front also adds to the overall sleekness of the coat. Typical of most outerwear from J. Crew, there are on-seam pockets and a small interior chest pocket.

The belt included with this coat is quite long (59″!) but the actual hole placement is fine and allows you to buckle up for a snug fit at the waist. Keep in mind that if you use the belt buckle, there will be a lot of material left over and dangling at the end, even after passing the extra length through the belt loops. This doesn’t bother me much because I usually tie my belts instead. For a slightly different look, I think the coat would look chic if you switched out the wool belt with a leather option from your closet. You could also add a faux-fur stole to the V-neck collar for additional variation.

Here is what the coat looks like on me (for reference my measurements are here):

I found the P00 to be true to size and the fit is similar to my other coats of the same size. The fit is just right across the shoulders, and the coat nips in nicely at my natural waist. More importantly, the coat feels comfortable even when wearing my typical office attire underneath (a button-up shirt and blazer, shown in the photos above). The bottom of the coat hits me right at the knee.

The Upshot: Ugh, did I mention I freaking love this coat? I’m not one to be effusive about clothes, but the fit, cut, and seaming are quite lovely on this thing. The modern and sophisticated design is a refreshing departure from the classic icon trench coat and lady day coat, and is a more formal and dressier counterpart to the chateau parka, which I also really like and recommend. On the downside, this coat is a “Collection” piece and on the pricier side, especially for a coat that isn’t 100% wool. It might be worth waiting for a markdown– but bear in mind that that this coat appears to be selling out pretty quickly in petite sizes.

– j.

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