Wardrobe Curation/Review: J. Crew Petite Icon Trench Coat.

J. Crew Icon Trench Coat, available online in petite and regular sizes.

J. Crew Icon Trench Coat, available online in petite (000-12) and regular (000-16) sizes.

This past spring I managed to destroy my trusty BR flared trench with coffee, cocktails, and a taxi cab ride (i.e., slamming the door on the plastic belt buckle and breaking it clean off). Not all in one day, mind you!… At any rate, I had plans in mind to replace it at some point. My search fell by the wayside as summer reared its ugly head (who can think about coats in such humid weather?!), but with new fall arrivals rolling into the shops, the search began again in earnest.

The J. Crew icon trench coat has been on my radar for many seasons, but I never bothered to give it a try because it only came in regular sizing (which almost always means it will be too long and roomy on me). I was happy to see that there is finally a petite icon trench being offered this season, so I was tempted enough to put myself on the waiting list during a promo. Imagine my surprise when my long-forgotten order was finally fulfilled!

Here are some IRL details of the trench:

In my experience J. Crew sizing has been inconsistent (confusing?) lately especially with the newer vanity sizing, so I placed an order for the P000 and P00. Here is a comparison of measurements for quick reference:

Size P000 Size P00
Overall length (top of shoulder to bottom hem) 32″ 32.25″
Across shoulders 13″ 14″
Chest circumference 32″ 33″
Waist circumference 30.75″ 31.75″
Hip circumference 33.5″ 34.5″
Sweep (bottom of coat) 43″ 44″
Sleeves 28.75″ 29.33″
Belt 58″ 59″

In sum, size P00 is about an inch larger overall in most areas.

The material is 100% cotton; 100% polyester lining (as with most J. Crew coats, it is fully lined), dry clean only. Made in the Philippines. The color is called “light khaki.” In person, this looks a little more tan compared to the model photos on the J. Crew website. In my opinion the stock photo (see the first photo at the top of this post) and the first photo I took are more accurate representations of the fabric color.

The Japanese cotton feels substantial and durable to the touch, but not stiff. Note that out of the box, there were some creases in the fabric from being folded for shipping. These came out with some light steaming.

I appreciate the classic trench detailing: leather buckles throughout, buckle tabs at the cuffs, reinforced horn-colored buttons, open slanted welt pockets, a back vent with a storm flap. This particular trench coat doesn’t have epaulettes, but I personally prefer that (visually, I think they add too much fuss and make my shoulders look broader). For those of you who are looking for a waterproof trench, keep in mind that this material doesn’t appear to be waterproof.

Below I’m wearing the trench in P00 (my measurements are here):

The coat loosely skims the body line, which is nice because this means that when you belt it, there isn’t too much excess fabric left over to create bulk in the back and side areas. P000 fit well overall with a button-up shirt underneath. I was especially pleased with the shoulder fit and the sleeve length– no tailoring needed. However, I anticipate that I’ll usually be wearing more than one layer underneath this coat, so I am keeping the P00, which I can move around in more comfortably while wearing a shirt plus medium-weight cardigan. As noted in the table above, size P00 is about one inch longer across most dimensions. For both sizes the bottom of the trench hit me at around 3″-3.5″ above my knees.

The Upshot: Trench replacement– check. After years of waiting for a petite version, the icon didn’t disappoint– I think it’s a well-made and versatile closet staple for the fall and spring. It’s also a pretty nice option if you love the look of the “classic” Burberry trench but don’t want to spend Burberry prices (as my childhood friend Jonathan always says, “that’s Burberry expensive”… *ba dum tss!!!*).

***As of the time of this posting, the petite icon trench is backordered until mid-September to the end of October (!), so if you can delay your gratification, it might be worth jumping on the waiting list now 🙂

***ETA 9/4/2015: In case you want another take on the petite icon trench, Kelly has also reviewed it– you can read her post here!

– j.

5 thoughts on “Wardrobe Curation/Review: J. Crew Petite Icon Trench Coat.

  1. Jill says:

    Thanks for reviewing this! It’s on my wish list, just saving up $ to buy it. I’m hoping it won’t look bulky on me with all the buttons, large collar, and fabric design on the front, because of my 36B chest. 🙂

    Hoping the P2 fits me all over.

  2. Alterations Needed says:

    Wonderful review! This trench is really great & I’m secretly hoping it comes out in another color so I can justify adding it to my collection (olive would be wonderful!). Have a great weekend!

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