Review: J. Crew Tulip Faux-Wrap Skirt.

Tulip faux-wrap skirt in indigo ikat,

Happy first day of summer! The heat, humidity, and steamy rainfall are slowly but surely becoming intolerable for me. Getting dressed in the morning has become a bit more challenging than usual, too– a cursory inspection of my closet reveals a surprising lack of lightweight cotton fabric, leading me to search for airy, perspiration-friendly skirts and shorts to fill the void.

I was immediately drawn to the tulip faux-wrap skirt in indigo ikat from J. Crew because of its unusual silhouette and interesting but subdued navy print. As of this posting, a majority of the regular and petite sizes for this print have sold out, but keep an eye out for pop-backs if you are interested. I also like the bright jungle print of this tulip faux-wrap skirt, available in regular and petite sizes. Some of the reviews on the site indicate that the skirt runs large, so I ended up ordering two different sizes to try on– my usual P00 and the even more ridiculous vanity size P000.

Approximate measurements of size P000: across waist 12″, across hips 16.5″, overall length 26.5″. Approximate measurements of size P00 are .5″ wider across the waist and 1″ wider across the hips, but the same overall length. Material: 100% cotton.

In person, the fabric is lightweight and soft to the touch. The ikat is woven (not printed) into the fabric. It’s a little hard to see in the photos, but there are white vertical dashes as well as dark navy vertical dashes woven throughout the blue fabric. The band around the waist is pleated (sort of like a tuxedo cummerbund), and there are two longer strips of fabric sewn at the back of the waist to tie into a bow. To me, the purpose of this seemed more ornamental than functional. The zipper is hidden in the back. And for all you pocket lovers– sorry, unfortunately no pockets here.

The skirt is high-waisted, of midi length, and tapers in at the bottom. In terms of shape, the skirt surprised me in a good way– it’s a refreshing change from the usual pencil, full, and a-line styles. As for sizing, I agree with previous reviews that the skirt does run large (for reference, my measurements can be found here). The P00 was loose around my hips so the sides of the skirt were baggy rather than skimming my body line to yield a true “tulip” silhouette. The photos above show me wearing the P000, which fit me better around the hips.


Up to this point, I was all about this skirt– the cut, the print, the fit. And then… I sat down and all hell broke loose.

Despite all the positives of this skirt, its fatal downfall is the subpar design and execution of the faux-wrap element. When you sit down, the overlapping wrap of the skirt creeps open and up to reveal your upper thighs and possibly even your crotch. Scandalously crotch-tastic. *smh* J. Crew should have put some additional thought and research into this design before manufacturing it to scale. Unfortunately, this flaw makes it completely work inappropriate. I’m not even sure that I would want to wear this casually out of fear of catching a breeze. The only thing I could think to do to salvage the skirt is pin or stitch the panels together to prevent them from splitting apart too much. I’m still mulling over whether the skirt is worth the DIY, though. Meh.

The Upshot: The tulip silhouette is adorable and the ikat print is spot-on, but major points are lost in the versatility department. This skirt is probably best suited for wearing as a cover-up on a trip to the beach. It’s definitely not a skirt to wear to work, but miiiiight work for everyday casual wear if you don’t mind the revealing slit or doing some DIY.


2 thoughts on “Review: J. Crew Tulip Faux-Wrap Skirt.

  1. Cassie says:

    Scandalously crotch-tastic. My god that’s the funniest description I’ve ever heard for wrap design issues, lol. Too bad it’s so revealing, it’s a really cute skirt.

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