Black/White: Banana Republic Petite Tweed Sheath, Old Navy Color-Block Pointed-Toe Flats.

I ran a few errands in the city the other day and popped into some shops along the way. Here are reviews of a couple of the shiny things I liked.

Banana Republic Tweed Sheath

This dress comes in regular, tall, and petite sizes. I tried on a 00P (my usual Banana Republic size) and I thought it fit pretty well off the rack overall. Here are some photos (and excuse the fact that I’m wearing jeans under the dress, I didn’t feel like un-pants-ing at the time):

According to the BR website, it’s “A sleek sheath in lightweight tweed for all seasons.” I have to agree. The tweed is lightweight (60% poly/40% cotton) but still feels substantial to the touch. There are some black tweed fabric insets on the sides of the bodice and waist, and two black mesh insets near the shoulders. There are also some nice, deep pockets in front (a plus in my opinion). The dress is fully lined. Here are some close-ups of the dress details:

I like how the black contrasting insets on the sides give the illusion of a narrower waist and an hourglass figure on my otherwise straight body shape. However, I don’t really care for the mesh insets. I wish that they were also in tweed because I could see my bra straps through the mesh when I look up close (there are no bra keeps on the dress either). The placement of these small insets seemed odd to me at first, but upon further review I think it helps make my shoulders look less broad. Judging from where the shoulder insets are located, I think that they would be partially visible if I were to wear a blazer over the dress. Personally that would bother me.

It’s worth noting that the dress does not have an invisible back zip as described on the website. The zipper is definitely exposed in the back (and you can clearly see this on the fit model online).

The Upshot: I really liked the overall fit of this dress and the clever inset design. Ultimately, I passed on it because 1) the oddly-placed mesh insets would be a personal nuisance to me and 2) I already have a black and white tweed sheath in my closet (also from BR, no less!). Nonetheless I think this is a nice option for women who are looking for an all-season dress designed to create a “slimming” or hourglass effect. The sheath was well-executed in this respect.


Old Navy color-block pointed-toe flats

It seems that these are only available online in the tan/gold colorway right now. There is also a black/white printed colorway available in-store, which is what I review here. ETA 2/17/2015: Both the tan/gold colorway and black/white colorway for these flats are available online.

In general I’m a fan of the d’orsay style . That said, I don’t really like spending very much on shoes I intend to wear daily because I’m pretty clumsy and tend to scuff up my everyday shoes pretty quickly (I guess I’m a sloppy walker???). These d’orsay flats rang in at an acceptable price point ($24.94 plus 30% off sale = $19.95), so I brought them home with me.

The upper part of the shoe is made out of faux leather at the toe and a synthetic woven material at the heel cover, with a low, textured rubber sole for traction. I usually wear shoes in a size 6.5. The size-6 flats fit comfortably without my heels slipping out the back, so I’d say that these shoes run a bit on the larger side.

The Upshot: I’ve only worn them indoors so far on account of the cold weather but they feel comfortable for light amounts of walking (i.e., don’t expect to wear these for a walking tour of historic downtown Philly and not have aching feet at the end of it). To me, the price was right for what it is– a casual everyday flat. And the d’orsay style is a nice change of pace from the typical ballet flat… because sometimes you just gotta give that toe cleavage a break.




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