Halloween DIY: Russian Nesting Doll Pumpkins.


My S.O. and I attended a small dinner party last evening. Our (very competitive) friends were hosting a pumpkin carving contest, so we wanted to do something really creative and out-of-the-box with our gourds. When I was a kid, I never had the experience of carving pumpkins for Halloween. Now, as an adult, whenever the opportunity arises, I jump at the chance. Here, I share our fun pumpkin carving idea: babushkas! We created a pair of Russian nesting dolls– in case you are wondering, the smaller doll does in fact nest into the larger one.

To create our large Russian doll, we used one very large pumpkin and one turban squash. The smaller doll was created with a mini pumpkin and a yellow pear-shaped gourd:

pumpkin1We flipped the turban squash and mini pumpkin upside down and just scraped their surfaces to outline the classic Russian doll faces. Then we painted in the hair, eyes, lips, and rosy cheeks for more detail.

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcamWe cut open the larger pumpkin and yellow gourd and scooped out their seeds and pulp, then carved out some holes to outline “scarves” and “aprons” for our dolls. Toothpicks were used to keep our decorative apron heart “floating” in the middle of the light opening. Finally, the doll “heads” were kept securely on top of their “bodies” using pieces of wire from an old hanger (sturdier than toothpicks) that were cut and poked through the gourds.

We didn’t win the contest (we came in second), but it was a lot of fun creating this and spending time with friends!

pumpkin5 pumpkin4

Happy Halloween, everyone!

– j.

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